Scum and Villainy?

Sol's Departure
Dee's Perspective

Dee felt torn as she watched Sol leave the ship, his angry steps echoing on the walkway. She wished to both protect and provide guidance, but knew that Sol would accept neither. She felt a brief stimulus that she decided must be anger as she considered Xeea’s violation of Sol’s Integrity. Dee had only a brief moment to consider confronting Xeea, but just as quickly abandoned the notion. Though Xeea attempted to hide her emotions, her efforts were unsuccessful. Dee could see the turmoil of emotions that seemed to wash over her countenance – she recognized the telltale symptoms of organic regret. Instead, Dee went to the galley and began preparing Xeea’s favorite meal. She tried to forget that it was also a favorite of Sol’s.


The crew, along w/ their acquired ship “Easy Living” makes their way to Freeport.

As a reward for returning Ryba, and in trade for the ship:

  • Medical Bay – Installation of one full bacta tank in ship’s med bay with one additional change of bacta fluid.
  • Advanced Targeting Array
  • Electronic Countermeasures
  • Hyperdrive Generator
    Meeting w/ Dr. Yawin

Ordo System – one system away from Mandalore. Materials from “Old republic.” The facility was owned by the separatists. Dr. Yawin is interested due to political/propaganda reasons. They want coordinates of the location after we find it, and they want verification that library is present and intact. While there, we should also look for any information regarding the chancellor.

Sol’s Diary #2 (Recorded on route to the Ordo System)

My new quarters are very comfortable. Xeea is being a real gamorrean lately. I guess she is angry that I have the quarters, but man. I bring up one simple complaint about my lack of funds, and she flips out at me, ranting about how I am childish. It is like she thinks she is my mom or something. If I needed a mom, I’d of course choose Dee. At least Dee has never lied to me.

That all being said, this is an awesome room. I love being so close to the cockpit, the extra wall space, and you know the nearness to the commons area.

I’ve been spending more time with Akkik. I still don’t understand her, but I have to say she is really good at fixing the Kalidor “II”. She has really improved this ship from the older rust bucket into a real impressive piece of work.

Ok. Dee is getting ready to bring up some new holonet vids.

Sol’s Diary #3 (Recorded on the station in the Ortho System)

Sol’s visage is darkened, bags have formed under his eyes as he stares into the cam lens.

I can’t sleep. These books are useless.

Sol’s eyes become unfocused for a minute.

I’m really tired of hitting dead ends. At least Xeea told me yesterday that she felt I was valuable to the team. He cracks a smile briefly. Then it slowly fades.

Minutes pass and the camera slowly focuses and then refocuses on Sol as he stares off into space. Sol snaps out of his trance when he realizes the diary system is still online and then the vid snaps off.

The Nirvona 3 Job

(Spellings are subject to change):

After a meeting w/ Jalani, a representative of the Hutts, the party is asked to retrieve a “package” from the Dark Angels – a rival pirate group.

Sol’s Diary #1 (Recorded on the ship leaving Nirvona 3)

We were given another job by Jalani. I don’t like him very much, but its mainly because Xeea doesn’t seem to like him. He hasn’t done anything specific to me exactly. As soon as the ship entered hyperspace to Nirvona 3, Xeea flipped the narrative over and proposed to us that we not follow through on the task. Vector piped in that he knew someone who expressed interest in Ryba (the captive). What we do with him after the rescue was really moot. We still needed to rescue him. There were two unexpected power fluctuations in hyperspace, one I couldn’t discern and the other which was Dee searching the Holonet. Once we landed, everything went normal. Xeea talked the pirates out of their hollow, thereby splitting up their forces. It was difficult, but we were able to subdue the group. Afterwards, Xeea and I returned to The Kallidor, and the rest of the group used the pirate’s ship to transfer Ryba off planet. We always knew this day would come, now we just need to figure out what to do about it. The ship is fired up, and we are leaving the planet as soon as the flight coordinators give us clearance. Our plan is to rendezvous with the rest back in space.

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