A young Mirialan in conflict.



Player: David
Species: Mirialan
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 1.7 meters
Size: Medium
Companion: Xeea
Description: What strikes you first about Sol is his youthful gaze. His eyes are a deep blue, and he seems to never stop smiling. Sol’s shaggy black hair often hangs in his face, and he has a nervous tick that forces him to constantly brush it out of his eyes. He has a black cloak that clips on his left together, and a hood that comes up from behind. He is wearing a blue leather shirt with black pants. Strapped to his left side is the glistening golden hilt of a corellian saber. It was one of a few objects he has found himself acquiring through the last years of his exploration. On the other side of his hip is a cheap blaster. It doesn’t seem to have much use, which is good given its shoddy quality .

Sol has lost much of his memory leading up to that fateful day in the hut, but while his mind can’t distinguish between the techniques necessary for wielding a lightsaber or a gaffi stick, Sol’s muscles can. Since the accident, he has relied on those instincts to survive. The crew appreciates his skill at the stick, extraordinary strength, agility, and of course his good looks, but they are also aware of Sol’s gullibility. Sol often finds himself listening intently to every word they say, and he seems to always accept the first explanation given with little question. Many have even suggested that Sol is naïve, and of course they are correct. While 16 years of age, Sol often believes the best out of everyone, which has left him in awkward situations before. He often enthusiastically volunteers for any job, and will more then likely apply the most direct solution to any sort of problem. In many ways, Sol is an open book. What he says, he means, and he often speaks his mind openly.

Career: Warrior
Specialization: Star Fighter Ace


  • Brawn: 4
  • Agility: 4
  • Intellect: 2
  • Cunning: 1
  • Willpower: 2
  • Presence: 2

Career General Skills:


Coordination (Pr) /2/YY
Discipline (Wil) /1/YG
Piloting – Space (Ag) /1/YGGG (-1D)

Combat Skills:


Brawl (Br) /1/YGGG
Melee (Br) /1/YGGG
Gunnery (Ag) /1/YGGG


Cause=>Restore the Jedi
Belief=>The Jedi
Relationship=>Childhood Friend (Xeea)


Obsession: Sol is obsessed with uncovering his past.

Social Class:

The Down and Out

Background Hook:

Enemies and Antagonists

Species Features:


Mirialans begin the game with one rank in Discipline and one rank in Cool. They still may not train Discipline or Cool above rank 2 during character creation.



It all began two weeks ago, when I awoke drenched in sweat, shivering on the floor of a dirty hut on Nal Hutta. I was awoken by a girl named Xeea, whom I have since learned is a Zeltron of quite exceedingly great importance from a nearby moon called Nar Shaddaa. However, at that moment she was of course no one to me. I jerked out of the corner of the hut and my vision immediately flipped, swishing side by side, distorting the entire room entirely. Pain screamed through my head as the vertigo reached a crescendo, and the ground introduced itself to my face. Feeling the warm cool stone under my face, the bitter acrid taste of dust in my mouth, and the faint glow of the morning sun from outside, I Sol rolled over to see Xeea examining the strewn about belongings. From her position, she asked me what had happened here, and all I responded with a string of questions, “Who are you? …..Where am I? ….. and Who am I? …… What do you want with me?.” She quirked an eyebrow, and after a moment’s pause she responded, “You are Sol, and you are on Nal Hutta.” Those words had no real meaning to me, but her tone for whatever it is worth was soothing. The pain began to recede, and the panic that choked my throat loosened. For the first time, I felt alright.

I slipped along the floor back to the wall and scanned the room. The hut’s interior was a disaster, much like my mind. Pain still ached, and as I fumbled through my memories for something substantial, the images, sounds, and tastes slipped through my grasp like grains of sand. The harder I struggled, the more the memories sifted away. It took me a bit to realize she was asking more questions, and I could only shrug repeating the same answer, “I don’t know.” Whether she realized I was telling the truth, or at least when she gave up I drifted into sleep.

That was our first meeting. Since then, I owe Xeea everything. Over that weekend, it was clear Xeea knew me from the past, but for whatever reason she is reticent to share any details. She keeps saying that it is best for things to come back naturally at this point, and in all honesty I think she does know whats best here. What she did tell me, was to trust in my body, and that he was the best advice I had been given. Whatever I was before that weekend, I had been well trained and, my muscles knew that training even though my mind had forgotten it all. It didn’t take much time, but that weekend proved to me just how fluid my body work could be. My fists knew the touch and feel of both Vibroknucklers and the corellian sword. which currently swings from my hip. My body fell back into familiar stances and movements, and the motion of the kata made me feel whole again.

That work of course unlocked one other thing, the vicious angry dreams of something otherworldly. My dreams were rabidly visceral and fluid, and the more I trained the more visceral they became. Few of the images remained with the coming of the dawn, but one of the most permanent images is that of a figure wielding an energy blade, which I have recently learned is called a Jedi, being swarmed from all sides by blaster fire. There is something meaningful about that image, but I have yet to decode what that meaning is.

The end of that weekend came exceedingly quickly, and along with it It was also the end of Xeea’s uncertainty. I think she was debating about what she would do with me. I told her many times that if she could point me to a nearby transport, that I would be out of her hair. For whatever reason, she refused that request. In all honesty, had she taken me up on it I don’t know what I would have done. Instead of leaving me alone, she She came to the decisions that we would be travelling to Nar Shaddaa. She has since helped me get work, and in all honesty my skills have been very useful. We work well together.


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