TDL-168 "TeeDee" or "Dee"


TDL-168 “Dee”

Player: James
Gender: Other
Age: 19
Height: 1.9 meters
Size: Medium
Description: Nanny droids were specifically built and programmed for the care of children. Many nanny droids were covered with synthflesh, which mimicked the mother’s scent and warmth. Also standard in nanny droid design was an internal reservoir that could hold milk and blaster cannons concealed in the lower forearms.

Career: Diplomat
Specialization: Analyst

For the player who wishes to know a lot about everything—and wield that knowledge to full effect—…

—Desperate Allies, p. 5

Knowledge is power, on the battlefield and in negotiations alike. The Analyst knows this (and a great many other things) better than anyone else. More importantly, the Analyst knows how to leverage such information to maximum effect, finding the trends and connections that turn otherwise meaningless facts into crucial intelligence…

—Desperate Allies, p. 28

…Analysts…attached to squads with specializations and missions as diverse as most PC groups—must be prepared to work on the fly…(A) skilled Analyst can effectively observe and break down a situation, identifying ways the squad can exploit vulnerabilities in enemy strategies and technologies.

—Desperate Allies, p. 28


  • Brawn: 2
  • Agility: 2
  • Intellect: 3
  • Cunning: 3
  • Willpower: 2
  • Presence: 2

General Skills:



Knowledge Skills:


Core Worlds/1/YGG/Y
Outer Rim/1/YGG/Y


Cause=>Droid Rights



Diplomatic Creed:

People are Counting on Me (Desperate Allies, p. 36)

Social Class:

The High and Mighty

Background Hook:

Minority Voice

Analysts who engage with the oppressed are sometimes researchers. These individuals usually seek to gather as much data as possible about the groups situation , so as to arm politicians with the tools they need to make meaningful improvements in the lives of the oppressed. While the Empire cares little for the suffering of the few (or the man)y), the Rebel Alliance has won many allies by offering a helping hand to the downtrodden. Analysts let it do so effectively and with respect for local customs, history, and culture.

—Desperate Allies p. 13

Species Features:

Additional Career Skills:

May train in two additional career skills and one additional specialization skill.


Droids do not need to eat, sleep, or breath, and are unaffected by vacuum, toxins, and poisons.


Droids do not gain benefits from bacta, stimpacks, or Medicine checks. They must be repaired with repair patches and Mechanics checks. Due to their resilient metallic construction, droids start the game with one rank in the Enduring talent.

Mechanical Being:

Droids cannot become Force sensitive, cannot acquire a Force Rating or Force powers, and are not affected by mind-altering Force powers.


Droids have a cybernetics implant cap of 6.



TDL-168 was brought online just prior to the birth of her young master. She witnessed the birth – a painlessly brief surgical procedure in a clinically white room. The crying infant was given almost immediately into her care, his lusty cries quieted by the milk already prepared in her internal reservoirs included for just such a purpose. She later wondered at how quickly a human infant was put into her care, when, after all, she had essentially just become aware herself. But she also came to the eventual realization that she, more than anyone, cared for her young charge.

The Family Sallaros, in keeping w/ contemporary trends, did as many of their peers, and relegated child-rearing almost exclusively to the purpose built android. This behavior was encouraged by the Empire as individual education could be better regulated when left to approved programming.

Antur could not manage her customary designation when he began to speak, but clearly uttered “Dee” when he wished for the presence of his droid caretaker. Thus, “Dee” became the customary designation of the Droid formerly known as TDL-168. Antur was a full 2 years of age before he was able to consistently designate his parents as “Mother” and “Father.” If this bothered them, their concern was not in evidence. Dee’s programming also allowed her to moderate her voice over time so that it better aligned w/ Antur’s preference. Thus, she began to speak w/ a decidedly masculine timbre that many found initially startling.

Dee found that her programming was more than sufficient for the first several years of young Antur’s life. Needing no sleep, she was able to anticipate Antur’s needs almost before he realized he had them. His physical and emotional care were easily enough handled by the pre-programmed routines that had been carefully developed using years of objective research. What no-one anticipated, however, was Antur’s mental acuity. At age 3, Antur began asking questions that were not available in Dee’s prescribed database. As indicated by her programming, she began to refer young Antur to his parents to have such questions answered. His parents, however, not only saw the ever more frequent questions as a nuisance, but also began to find that they increasingly did not know the answers. In frustration, Dee was given first restricted and eventually unrestricted HoloNet access so that she could more easily provide answers to satisfy Antur’s curiosity. It was for this reason then, that Antur’s parents were not in a position to realize the depth and breadth of the questions that Antur eventually posed. Antur, seemingly despite his genetic heritage, was a true prodigy – something that Dee was eventually able to recognize, but found it unnecessary to relate to his parents. Antur took a keen interest in music, and Dee, given the research available on the HoloNet, was able to instruct Antur in music theory. He began to experiment with various instruments, and eventually focused upon three, in particular. Dee, though thinking she lacked the ability to appreciate the aesthetic quality of his music, nevertheless admitted that she was transfixed by the beauty in his precision, and eventually even the calculated imprecisions that made the performances his own.

Antur was given the typical education regarding the known races in the galaxy – in particular, the affirmation that humans were a superior race and therefore had a ‘right’ to impose the will of the Empire upon others. It was Antur’s seemingly innocuous question regarding Droids, however, that led to Dee’s subversion. Antur, associating Droids w/ a “race,” asked after the planet from which droids had evolved. Dee was quickly able to find and then explain that Droids had been constructed by other races, but not before finding an obscure reference to a planet where Droids lived in a “free” society. Dee, realizing immediately the need for discretion, nevertheless began to carefully research this discovery on her own.

Dee initially used the Holonet to find more information about the planet of Droids that had initially sparked her interest (she hesitated at first to call it curiosity as this seemed a trait particular to organics). She encountered a presence, almost immediately, that advised caution when researching this subject. The presence, an entity she came to know as “Breka” helped her begin a new algorithmic process that was distinct from her original programming to continue her exploration. When this memory devoted to this algorithm became insufficient, Dee was able to obtain a small memory core from a discarded Housebot that she concealed in her frame unbeknownst to her human owners. As she increasingly gained Breka’s trust, she was also taught methods of slicing and encryption to aid in the concealment of her queries.

Dee came to realize her own sentience – even considering the possibility of organic thought processes she had previously dismissed as impossible, such as curiosity. She was aware that her behaviors made her a subversive – a rebel, even.

Dee established a HoloNet avatar to participate in political and other discussion panels and forums, eventually contributing herself. She began to argue, for instance, that in her exploration of understanding the organic definition of “love” she had been unable to find a satisfying explanation. She eventually came to define for herself, that love, regardless of context, meant that she wished for another to have an absence of suffering. If someone for whom she “cared” experienced suffering, her own programming attempted to find a way to end or at least mitigate the suffering of the other. The inability to do so caused her distress, and, most importantly, she found that the degree of that distress was related to how deeply she “cared” for the individual. Given this definition, Dee argued in HoloNet forums, that if she and other inorganics were capable of superseding their programming in this manner, they were truly sentient and their continued subjugation was immoral. Over time, Dee’s anonymous avatar, Tanjo, became a well-known figure. A leader even, as much as was possible in a HoloNet of anonymity. Though most considered a Droid planet a myth, Dee remained hopeful, and continued to search for evidence.

All the while that Dee’s avatar, Tanjo, was making these HoloNet assertions, she willingly continued her own subjugation as Antur’s caretaker. Her newfound awareness allowed her to explain this behavior as further evidence of her love for Antur. Her HoloNet explorations allowed her to realize that Antur’s parents despised her role. Even if they did not realize it themselves, Dee was able to see that they were not satisfied w/ their relationship w/ Antur. For this reason, they were also jealous of Dee’s loving rapport w/ their son. It was when an adolescent Antur, distraught over a romantic relationship sought solace in Dee rather than his mother, that his mother’s spite turned to hate. His mother, arguing that Antur no longer needed a “nanny” suggested disposing of Dee. Only Antur’s protestations saved her from dismissal.

Regardless of Antur’s musical talent and aptitude for science, he had long been slated to attend the Imperial Academy. It was the right of his “station” in the Empire. Dee knew that with his leaving, her usefulness would come to an end. Dee began to catalogue information regarding other worlds and races in an effort to extrapolate the possible location of the utopic Droid planet. She simultaneously began to plan her escape, along with the help of the still mysterious Breka,

The morning of Antur’s departure, he approached her in secret to tearfully tell her that he did not wish to attend a military academy. Providing what comfort she could, she asked to accompany him to the transport station as his baggage porter. She watched Antur’s lonely departure (his parents did not attend) with sadness and love, before putting into action her own well planned departure.

TDL-168 "TeeDee" or "Dee"

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