Jawa mechanic


Species: Jawa
Sex: F
Age: 40
Height: 1 meter
Build: skinny
Hair: can’t tell
Eyes: can’t tell

Notable features: glowing eyes

Wears brown robes with hood up at all times


Akkik, like most Jawas had a knack for mechanical activity. She loved scavenging for new parts, building and repairing things, and was looking forward to getting out of the fortress and into a Sandcrawler. Having wanderlust, Akkik wanted to see the world and find new droids to repair and sell. But, she couldn’t get on a sandcrawler due to sexism. She eventually set out to explore the galaxy instead, figuring that she could always serve as a ship’s mechanic.

After a while, she found Xeea and crew and joined up.


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